The PayTime Starter Interrupt System:

Increases cash flow & reduces collection costs.

The PayTime Payment Collection System is a low priced comprehensive, versatile and easy to use starter-interrupt system.  PayTime was developed by a buy-here / pay-here car dealer to address the needs of vehicle dealers and finance companies and improve both the ease of use and flexibility of a quality payment collection system.


Below is list of benefits and the PayTime advantages over other systems.  When you compare our product to the competition, you will see why we think you should do business with us.


  • Lower priced system
  • High quality product
  • Easy to install and use
  • Built in installation test procedure
  • Programmable while still installed on the vehicle; no removal necessary
  • Flexible programming allows dealers to set different payment intervals
  • PayTime starter interrupt systems cut off at midnight, not random times
  • New pay codes can automatically be sent to a customer's PC by email 
  • PaytimeBuilt in back-up power source; no lost codes
  • Manufacturer-direct sales channel; no middle man; no distributor markup
  • Customer records and pay codes transfer easily from dealer to finance company
  • Programmable repo codes
  • Free customer support for dealers and lenders
  • Reduces past due accounts by substantial percentages
  • Slashes repossession and collection costs; maximizes profitability