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Comparing PayTime Code-based vs. Wireless Starter-Interrupt Systems



Always Works - "Old Reliable"
  • Multiple dead zones; creates problems
  • Vehicle may be in a poor coverage area
    when the system activates
 Much less expensive Very expensive
 No extra charges Time must be repurchased
 Unlimited usage Usage is limited to a certain number of uses
 Works everywhere

GPS requires line of site from the sky


Area must be serviced by national cell carrier.
 Collects money
Tracks vehicles 

There is no starter interrupt system that can totally defeat a determined criminal customer.  With enough technical knowledge and automotive electronics experience and determined under-hood work, all systems can be disabled or removed.  These systems are designed to help the dealer collect the payments when they are due and to assist the honest credit-challenged customer with good motivation techniques and a reminder system to help them do a better job of making vehicle payments on time.  The objective is to help the dealer’s customer keep the vehicle until it is paid off and to ensure that the non-criminal customer makes the timely installment payments to the lender.   Use of the PayTime system actually helps the customer to establish better credit.